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Does trust mean that you have to bare your core to someone who could eventually erode your mortal soul?
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Absolutely not, there are so many different levels to trust so you may never really get to the core, getting to the core would be complete trust.
Truthfully, I don't even get to my own core. A doubtless trust isn't one I normally find and even if I do have something like it, there's always something even I can't know. Just because you trust someone to do the right thing, be there for you, etc. doesn't mean you must expose your very essence to them. I have some level of trust for my family but they honestly don't know who I am. They must think they do, but they don't. I can trust them without even letting them know this. That may seem dishonest but I'm not lying to them. They're not asking and I'm not telling. They don't understand what I give them so I don't expect them to understand the rest too well either, and that's okay. That's not an unconditional trust, but it's one that I can maintain without ever needing to reveal myself.
why would you trust someone who would destroy your soul?
how do you no that they are going to destroy your soul?
thats what trust is all about i mean no one knows as soon as you put your trust in them what there going to do next,betray you or keep your trust ? i guess you just have to deal with what happeneds and take it as lifes lesson.
you can hate the person for hurting you and betraying your trust but it wont help the situation very much just bring out the negative in you thats all besides getting you upset