clarwyn kinne (beansideirae) wrote in 000____thoughts,
clarwyn kinne

hi all, back after yet another long absense....probably no one remembers me anyway. so i'll introduce myself really quick. clarwyn airgid-beo zircata, 20something female, living in the Realm of Chaos and Irrational Paranoia, in the Village of Endless Questions. i dont post a lot but i come thro and read every so often, and maybe sometime i'll put down a question or so.

right now my question is, how do we know that color is absolute? for instance, if i call the sky blue, and you call the same blue, how do we know that we're both seeing the same "picture" of blue? what i call blue, you might see as purple (but you'd still call it you follow?) or you might even see it as red... color names are just assigned, how do we know any two people see ANYTHING the same, or feel things the same, how do we know we arent just all using the same word for two or two million different things?

and while i'm asking questions, why does my beloved feel it necessary to know the thickness of the walls of whatever room he's in?
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